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Outer Ring is an MMORPG video game in a science fiction and fantasy universe based on the economic Play to Earn concept, currently under development by Nexxyo Labs, using its ManiacPanda Games brand. It represents a unique investment opportunity in a growing industry with an experienced company developing the project. 

The business model of the video game is FREEMIUM, with EARLY ACCESS for all participants in the different phases of the private and public sale of the project. The economic system of the game is based on the so-called PLAY TO EARN, with the possibility to make in-game and off-game purchases through a DEX integrated in the game’s website or through player interaction.
Details WhitePaper : https://outerringmmo.com/docs-eng/DossierOuterRingWP-eng.pdf

Milestone 1 – Great Silver City (GSC) 1st ring (Length 28 weeks)
•    Death system ( length 4 weeks)
•    Text chat ( length 2 weeks)
•    Battle Arena ( length 6 weeks)
•    Bestiary + DNA system ( length 3 weeks)
•    Pets/Bots ( length 12 weeks)
Milestone 2 – GSC 2nd ring ( length 24 weeks)
•    Squads ( length 4 weeks)
•    Clans + factions ( length 4 weeks)
•    Maps System ( length 3 weeks)
•    Outer space and ships ( length 8 weeks)
Milestone 3 – GSC 3rd ring ( length 12 weeks)
Milestone 4 – Outer Fanet ( length 20 weeks)

Teams :
Daniel Valdés 

M. Alejandra Figueroa

Javier Larumbe

Ricardo Seligmann

Develovers :
Maniac Panda Games is the result of the experience of Nexxyo labs in two fields as disparate as they are related, which are Blockchain and video games.

Nexxyo Labs: Spanish company composed of an interdisciplinary team led by Daniel Valdés, which is dedicated to the development of blockchain custom software, mobile applications and video games using the latest technology to achieve its mission.

Investor/Partners : 
DEXT, DEXT Force Ventures

Dreamboat Capital, Belobaba, MH Ventures, BlackDragon, MetaBrand, Club 721, Union Capital, Gains Associates, Kapitalia

RemiBit, Territorio Blockchain, Block World Tour, AKRAT STUDIO, GameDis, Legit Motiv, Gamedis, JobAndPlay, Play The Game, BitBase, SKYX, For2Play, Kangaroo Capital, GRL, Excalibur, Avalon Wealth Club, AREA 13, BAS, Bamboo Defi

Asociacionmit, Yellow Blocks, Stredium, EthicHub, CriptoICO, Sierra BlockGames, Ferrer Bonsoms, Hawks Hunters, Fish Dao, HVS Ventures, Atesis, Alpha Hunt, FBS

Criptoesp, SBC, Crypto All Star, Sky Guardians, CCK Ventures

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Outer Ring
⦁ Symbol: $GQ
⦁ Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 GQ
⦁ Network: BEP-20 and TBA Multichain

Social Media

Social media :
Website      : https://outerringmmo.com/
Telegram    : https://t.me/outerringofficialeng
Twitter       : https://twitter.com/OuterRingMMO
Youtube     : https://www.youtube.com/c/OuterRingMMO