GREEN BELI NFT GAME - The first eco-friendly gamefi. Green Beli was founded in 2019 with a mission to reduce plastic waste, promote green lifestyles and increase people's environmental awareness through media campaigns. Green Buy's play-to-earn NFT game is designed to leverage a cryptocurrency platform to raise funds for those environmental activities.

Game concept research
Business model development

Develop Token & NFT Game
Public sale 
Initial Seed offering
NFT Market
Release Farming & Staking
Game Beta release: PvP
Release Breeding & Fusion

Play to earn (P2E)
Release Land & NFT items
First big Green Beli sponsorship

Cross-Chain NFT Market
Collateral Loan
Community Growth
Kick-off Green Beli Scholarship Program

New game concept – voting by community
Expand Green Beli Ecosystem Fund
Connect NFT Game to real world 

Teams :
Khoa Nguyen

Kary Le

Misue Tran

Research & Development Lead
Thu Phan

Partnership Manager
Thao Nguyen

Marketing Lead
Sahn Bui

Lester Lim
Founder at X21 Digital
4+ years in blockchain & cryptocurrency
Strategic Advisor to Pinknode, Blank Wallet, Polkafoundry, MahaDao, and many more.

Larry Shi
Co-founder at Basics Capital
5+ years in blockchain industry
Incubation experience of dozens of projects

Cris D.Tran
Co-founder at FAM Central
Former CEO – Infinity Blockchain Ventures
5+ years in crypto

Victor Truong
Co-founder at DeFi Warrior
FCCA, Certified Internal Auditor
10+ years in Business & Finance
4+ years in crypto investment

Founder at BSC Station
5+ years in blockchain & cryptocurrency
4+ years in blockchain game market & the community development

Backers & Investors: 
BSCStation, AU21 Capital, Basics Capital, x21 Digital, Momentum 6, Dreamboat Capital, FIM Ventures, Onebit, VB Ventures, Crypto Investment Community, Titans Ventures, BAS, Wildcat Venture, Defi, Revel Lab, SGN Capital, Moon Gems, AstroX Ventures, 

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Green Beli
⦁ Symbol: $GRBE
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GRBE
⦁ Token Standard: BEP-20

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