Gamesta is building the worlds 1st A.I. powered Guild, using proprietary ML tech to ensure optimum asset acquisition and high yields, we are enabling investors to connect to and empower thousands of under privileged players throughout The World.

 Phase 1.
•    Core team formation
•    Completion of whitepaper

Advisors & Partners
•    Key Partnerships formed
•    Strategic investments given allocation in seed round

Launchpad & IDO
•    Private Sale Completed
•    IDO on Launchpads 15th Dec
•    Fair Launch Raise on CopperLaunch 16-20th Dec
•    Token Generation Event immediately after
•    Live on DEX & CEX

Operations Activated
•    Beta Guild goes live
•    Reporting begins

Discord Snapshot
•    Idea from YGG launch
•    Snapshot taken for rewarding early adopters later in community tokens

 Phase 2.
A.I. Development
•    Data capture and input, data structure development
•    Machine Learning begins, target 2 years to perfect and test

Smart Contracts
•    Development of smart contracts to handle GSG ecosystem
•    Launch of web3.0 interface for token holders

NFT Acquisition & Deployment
•    In-game assets begin to be acquired

Research & Partnerships
•    Added to CEX’s
•    Liquidity unlocked

Community Development
•    Rapid expansion of scholarships, target 10,000+ scholars
•    Community marketing & incentive programs

 Phase 3.
DAO Begins
•    Decentralisation of tokens matures, DAO launched to govern the direction of GAMESTA
•    Voting systems and web3.0 upgrades to enable governance from token holders.

•    Staking platforms
•    Strategic investments given allocation in seed round

A.I. Implementation
•    Machine Learning algorithms mature, activated in live scenarios

•    Upgraded smart contracts to enable lending to and from the treasuries NFT asset base.
•    Other guilds can lend to GAMESTA through the smart contracts and vice versa creating a ‘sub-lease’.

Team :
Spencer Tarring // CEO.
Founder of VMG & DopeWarz, Spencer comes with a wealth of experience in both startups & crypto, having exited 5+ businesses in a 20 year career of entrepreneurship. He also is an internationally renowned DJ and runs a successful youtube channel called Crypto Money Life. A regular guest on Bitboys ATB show, he is well connected within the crypto & influencer community.

 Jody Taylor // COO.
Chief Operating Officer Jody Taylor brings a world of experience and intuitive skills to the  G A M E  S T A group. Strength in strategic planning and a strong compulsion to create working solutions in all aspects of operations are well characterized by years of strategy consulting, change management and custom operational architectures. Though Jody is an avid investor in private companies, he is no stranger to the power of blockchain technologies and their influential potential over the entertainment sector. 

 James Rodd // CMO.
James joins  G A M E  S T A with two decades of marketing experience, beginning in international sports and music festivals. This was followed by a period across South East Asia and beyond with the pinnacle of luxury hospitality, Four Seasons, before establishing his lux-brand marketing agency which transitioned into technology and  G A M E  S T A.

 Tomas Wolf // Head of Gaming.
Tom is an Active Stock, Commodities and Crypto swing trader, financial educator and Angel Investor. Since discovering the potential of crypto gaming he has been utilizing in-game assets and teams of gamers to produce income for themselves, and a great return for investors, operating a team of 100+ Indonesians in Bali.

 Aleksandar Loncar // Head of AI.
Aleksandar is a machine learning engineer, a passionate mathematician and algorithm engineer with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. He started as a software engineer and, over the years, found himself in the data science field, especially in deep learning and AI.

 David Silvester // Head of Research & BD.
David has 8 years experience developing and consulting businesses in the global start-up scene. He’s an active crypto trader and VC founder, with a passionate focus on the power of Blockchain to connect, entertain, and solve world problems. He has a wealth of academic and business research experience, a Masters in Service Design (UX/CX), an Oxford University certification in Blockchain development and an MBA.

 Sam Maz // Vespertine Capital.
Master Nomad holds a Ph.D. and currently works as a senior data scientist, having honed an expertise in AI and machine-learning techniques across numerous industries, including healthcare, regulatory services, and M&A investment banking. He is also an experienced crypto advisor who has gained trust and established relationships with numerous entities across the crypto landscape.

 Sundeep // Trustswap.
Core Team Member of TrustSwap. Designed tokenomics for various projects and/or serving as a strategic advisor/consultant for multiple projects spanning across DeFi and GameFi like  QANX, BlockBank, LedgerScore, Carbon, ISPOLINK, Fidira,  Sekuritance, Oneto11, etc. Has a professional background in Engineering with multiple graduate degrees. Has 5+ years experience in the cryptocurrency space.

 Max Dier // Gamestation.
Maximilian Dier is skilled at discovering and scrutinizing long-term investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry. He has sourced tens of millions in fundraising, helping launch the biggest projects in the space. He has grown a reputation for being honest and hard-working and a dependable friend to countless projects.

 Willy // Equinox.
CEO of Equinox. Willy is more than 10 years an experienced Chief Executive Officer. Entrepreneur in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2011, Fund Manager at Cryptokerr VC (now Equinox VC Studio) and Advisor and Investor involved in  launching over 80 projects in the space.

EnjinStarter, Polygon, Dope Warz, GameStation, VMG, EQUINOX, Oxbull, Novabot Capital, Criterion, Legion Ventures, LPI DAO, BLUEWHEEL, BrotherHood, BCA Investments, TGE Capital, Whitelist Ventures, Octopus, Girnas Capital, Maven Crypto Ventures

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Gamesta
⦁ Symbol: $GSG
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GSG
⦁ Network: Polygon Network

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