The Project Connects The World’s Largest Supply of GPU Processing Power, Which Belongs To The 1.5 Billion Gaming PCs in the Global Gaming Community, With the Rapidly Growing, Worldwide Demand For Massive Processing Power.
Gaming is the Largest Entertainment Market On The Planet. Almost One Third Of The World's Population is a “GAME

•    Company formation: UK/Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland
•    Team, partners & strategic advisors in place (gaming, marketing, regulatory, blockchain)
•    Internet presence (website, social media, etc.)
•    Initial documentation (decks, use of funds, litepaper, marketing plan, etc.)
•    Software development: plan “Alpha” testing
•    User demand confirmed: Madrid Games Week
•    Milestones achieved: Funding, Presence, IEOs
•    Continued private funding
•    Full Alpha version testing
•    Produce “Alpha Report” and full “Whitepaper”
•    Launch GMRX on EOS blockchain
•    Start aggressive PR (community, social media, press releases)
•    Prepare for IEO. Establish presence in Asia
•    Ran two successful IEOs to test Asian market receptiveness
•    Began Beta version of platform
•    MOUs, partnerships, alliances
•    Add key team members
•    Reached phase 1 funding target $1m
Q1 – 2020
•    IEO 3
•    Continue private fundraising
•    MOUs – continue to build alliances 
•    Community Communication – build and foster relations 
•    Continue to look for key members to add to team throughout all Q1 – 2020
•    Aggressive PR Campaign prior to IEO 4
•    IEO 4 (Affected by Coronavirus, put on pause until further notice)
•    Beta Platform – development 
Q2 – 2020
•    Platform – “final” modules FRD’s and development started (Complete Plan) 
•    Continue private fundraising
•    Social Awareness – start thinking about the positioning of this prior to launch (press)
•    Community Communication – build and foster relations 
•    Company structure / finances 
•    Marketing / Awareness 
Q3 – 2020
•    Private and public Beta version
•    Recruit Beta users
•    Continue to look for key members to add to team throughout all 2020
•    Continue platform upgrades 
•    Finalize user acquisition strategy
•    Research Game Option (Spendable GMRX) 
•    Community Communication – build and foster relations 
Q4 – 2020
•    Marketing MVP pre-launch 
•    MVP – Test ready for launch 
•    LAUNCH MVP – Marketing 
•    Aggressive user acquisition
•    (Internal End of Year targets: Users and Daily Revenue — Aim to meet KPIs)
•    Continue to look for key members to add to team throughout all 2020
•    Community Communication – build and foster relations 
•    Continue platform upgrades
Q1 – 2021
•    Continue funding to allow business to scale.
•    Continue adding the right team members, emphases on graphics, AI and UX.
•    Platform upgrades User acquisition for Beta testing.
Q2 – 2021
•    Develop all documentation, with detailed description of platform.
•    Create an upgraded look and feel to the website.
•    Increase team size for Beta test analytics.
•    Work on the Machine Learning portion of the application.
•    Work with existing users to iron out any bugs that come with load on application.
Q3 – 2021
•    Brand Development, create brand guidelines and implement across the board.
•    Close Beta test, report findings via users analytics and analysis for NEP expansion study.
•    Build brand equity with influencers and start marketing Initiatives on all fronts.
•    Updated website for Aggressive PR prior to token listing.
•    Updated all documentation to reflect new brand guidelines.
Q4 – 2021
•    Full push for exchange listing, focusing on quality and meeting deadlines.
•    Focus on KPIs: user rewards, user growth targets.
•    Development and release of 1st game plugin.
•    Development of personalised servers in games development of in-game assets and nfts (cosmetic & utility)
•    Genesis NFT sales
•    Creation of content launches & releases launch of our official GAIMCRAFT server.
•    GMRX gaimcraft christmas event.
•    Activate all marketing initiatives for full push towards listing.
Q1 2022
•    MVP continued platform development.
•    Continue funding to allow business to scale.
•    Continue adding the right team members.
•    User acquisition, focus on building the GAIMIN community and increase user base.
•    Develop 2021 plan to build “” brand: event sponsorships, gaming team.
•    Second round NFT sales.
•    Gamification rewards plan development.
•    Option for opening of new technology/development office.
•    Continue to push for exchange listing.
Q2 2022
•    Focus on continued user acquisition and community development.
•    Gamification integration.
•    Research and development (rendering, Blockchain games, AI).
•    Brand development plan execution.
•    Further round NFT sales.
•    Further development of GAIMCRAFT: NFT, metaverse.
•    Continue to develop partnerships with Gaming companies and hardware companies.
•    Development of SDK for Game Formatting & Modification.
•    Increase activity on marketing to sponsorship events and publicity.
•    Focus on GAIMIN’s esports team and team development.
•    Full integration Hedera Hashgraph.
Q3 2022
•    Focus on continued user acquisition and community development.
•    Cross channel, cross platform and cross game marketplace.
•    Development of esports strategy with GAIMIN’s team.
•    Brand development: Esports Team Launch?
•    Further round NFT sales.
•    Merchandising launch (both the pc/gpu merch along with clothing/branded items).
•    Focus on user growth, making user kpi targets are met.
•    ESL and Enthusiast gaming sponsorship events.
Q4 2022
•    Focus on continued user acquisition and community development
•    Full GAIMCRAFT experience launch (this will be the plugin in its final development).
•    Skills Training System added, focusing on games that increase the skill sets of GAIMIN users.
•    New featured games and NFT launched.
•    Further round NFT sales
•    Aggressive push for marketing for user acquisition with new tournament sponsorships.
•    Building out several other modules of the application in stealth mode until launch date.
•    Expanded team members to code with influx of users.
•    Blockchain integration with leading gaming companies in the world.

Teams : 
CEO & Co-founder
Experienced entrepreneur and business strategy consultant. Over 28 years of experience in sales & marketing. Founder of specialist online marketing consultancy. Specific experience working with Internet startups developing systems and processes for planned growth.

CMO & Co-founder
Founder of Canada’s largest local digital agency, with 18 years experience, specializing in online advertising, branding, and social media. Vast experience in staff management, business processes, systems, scaling and development.

CPO & Co-founder
Gaimin creator with product-specific knowledge. Strategic advisor, community building and referral program specialist. Extensive experience developing concepts through to reality. Multi-lingual and world travelled.

COO & Co-founder
Operations and logistics specialist with significant entrepreneurial startup experience. Extensive referral program expertise, community development, and event management.

CFO & Co-founder
30 years of business formation and management experience, founded several successful online businesses. Startup investor specializing in technology and blockchain.

CTO & Co-founder
Extensive knowledge of blockchain technologies and all aspects of IT product development. Vast experience with big data tech., stack & machine learning.

and many other amazing teams :

The HBAR Foundation, Chainlink, Polygon, KeSPA, Venly, Hedera Hashgraph, Brabners, +C, TokenGet, Vonnicon, NiX Pay, Breezeweb, Pama, kube, SpaceMisfits, Sedulo, Nomane Sport, Gamebit, WadSack, Tipsycoin

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name        : GAIMIN
⦁ Symbol            : $GMRX
⦁ Total Supply    : 100,000,000,000 GMRX
⦁ Network    : Polygon Network

Social Media

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