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The BlockPad is a multichain network of decentralized applications that acts as a gateway to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. It predominantly solves the issue of investor confidence in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by providing a suite of decentralized and intuitive products with compatibility of multiple blockchains.


Q1 2021
⦁ Market Analysis
⦁ Conceptualization
⦁ Infrastructure setup
⦁ Lottery contract testing

Q2 2021
⦁ Token Vesting Testnet 
⦁ LP Locking Testnet 
⦁ Whitelist Contract Test  
⦁ Advisor Onboarding

Q3 2021
⦁ BlockPad Vesting v1
⦁ BlockPad LP Locker v1
⦁ Partnership Formulation
⦁ Token Staking Testnet 

Q4 2021
⦁ IDO, DEX Listing
⦁ LP Mining Testnet 
⦁ BlockPad Vesting v2 
⦁ Multichain Launchpad TN

Q1 2022
⦁ LP Mining Platform v1
⦁ Token Minter Mainnet
⦁ New UI Updates
⦁ Onboarding New Chains

Advisor :
Mudit Marda
CTO of Drife
Technical Advisor

Kha Nguyen
Consultant at Tomochain
Strategic Advisor

Florian Hermet
Founder of Nodeseeds
Ecosystem Advisor

Thierry Rosete
Core Member of DCI
Marketing Advisor

Backers & Partnerships: 
SKYVISION Capital, Black Dragon, Dutch Crypto Investor, NODESEEDS, Halvings Capital, NewField Fund, JB Ventures, Connectico, Red Hat, ASYNC, Traveler Capital, and TBA

Chains Integrated
Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, KCC

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: BlockPad
⦁ Symbol: $BPAD
⦁ Total Supply: 10,000,000 BPAD
⦁ Network: BEP-20

Social Media

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