BattleVerse is a community-driven platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment. By using innovative tokenomics, utilizing finance and games. This platform also combining the best of decentralized technologies like blockchain and AI which used in DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM. This game gives you possibilities to earn on your playing time. We are using blockchain for transparency and truly paying process.

2021 Q2
•    Initial idea
•    Team building
•    First Baby Combat Bots concepts
•    First website and generator script versions
2021 Q3
•    Team expansion
•    Landing page and concepts
•    8k Discord community
•    Baby Combat Bots G1 sold out in 5 min
•    BattleVerse concept development
•    Detailed gameplay explainer video
•    First game code prototype
2021 Q4
•    White paper and tokenomics presentation
•    Battle Shrooms G1 launch
•    Seed and private token sale launch
•    Game beta test
2022 Q1
•    PvP battles launch
•    Farming pool launch
•    Baby Combat Bots Gen 2&3 launch
•    Smart contracts audit
•    Public sale and IDO
•    In-game marketplace launch
•    Observer funding launch
•    Battle Shrooms G2 and 3 launch
•    PvE mode launch
•    Cross-chains transfers launch
2022 Q2 
•    Game ecosystem extension
•    Referral system launch
•    Bounty program launch
•    Franchise program launch
•    BattleVerse Global Arena launch
2022 Q3
•    Mobile App for Android and iOS
•    Adding two new races
•    Adding new races in collaborationwith game projects
•    Meta governance launch
2022 Q4
•    Expansion of PvE mode
•    Land sales launch
•    Buildings’ construction
•    Resources’ production
•    Quests and missions in PvE mode
•    Special missions in PvE mode
•    Exploration of new systems, planets and territories
2023 Q1
•    Mobile versions update
•    Desktop versions for Mac, Windows and Linux launch
•    2023 Q2
•    VR/AR functionality for Android and iOs
•    In-game entrepreneurship and largescale production cycles (PVE)
•    Character specialties
2023 Q3
•    Generation of special NPCs (PVE)
•    Introduction of bases with a bar In-Dapps functionality
•    Creation of clans, guilds, organizations, cooperatives, and corporations
•    Direct exchange of resources within clans
2023 Q4
•    Clan missions
•    Hunting for large dangerous NPCs
•    Clan wars and seizure of territory
•    Create your own arenas and get profit
•    Creation of your own power plant
•    Energy generation for $BVC
•    Continuous BattleVerse improvement, expansion and addition new functionality in accordance with the community requests

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