Gaming companies have to split resources between providing a great gameplay experience, raising the necessary funds and gaining the know-how required to implement complex blockchain features. Users have to face complicated onboarding processes often requiring substantial initial investments, and have an hard time offering early support for the projects they like, trusting that NFTs will turn later into valuable in-game assets.

Vision Engine offers new solutions to these problems, through an easy to use SDK, a simplified onboarding process, and a Next-Gen Crowdfunding Platform.

2021 Q3
•    StarVision
•    Prototype 
•    Release
2021 Q4
•    StarVision
•    Alpha Release
•    Public Token Launch
2022 Q1
•    VisionSDK Release
•    VisionNFT Release
•    Vision Offering Release
2022 Q2
•    StarVision Release

Teams : 
Cristian Esposito

Serhii Yolkin

Senior Developer
Luis Saraza

Oleksii Harahan

Frontend Developer
Sasha Kyrylenko

Advisor :
Dan from NetVRK, Eric from ExNetwork Capital, DCI Capital (as a whole), Orion Depp from Master Ventures, Max Dier from Mantra DAO, Youngsung Chong from Axis Labs, Kelvin Woo from Enjinstarter.

Huobi Ventures, ExNetwork Capital, GameStation, DCI, Kangaroo Capital, J8V, OIG, BMW, Halvings Capital, BlackDragon, Alves Ventures, Legion, X21, JVR Cryptobees, Hoo, Wealth Union, Qu Ventures, 6kworkweek, Skybridge, Romich AVG, Synapse, HasH Capital, ConnectICO, MH Ventures, Theodore Agranat.

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Vision Engine Token
⦁ Symbol: TBA
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 
⦁ Network: TBA

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