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The Killbox is an action-packed, first-person shooter game in which players assemble elite squads and trade in-game NFT weapons (AK-47s, grenades, swords). Featuring weekly challenges, ranking matches, and a lottery system for the distribution of crypto prizes, The KillBox brings Call of Duty to the blockchain.
The Killbox’s gameplay is interactive with a 360-degree arena combat experience with VR capabilities. Additionally, users can choose from various gameplays, such as sniper and DM mode, while earning rewards from their gameplay. Keep an eye on The Killbox as they get ready to launch their native token to the public market.

Team :
Don Zhu

Don created an overseas game gears trading platform called He has managed more than 200 customer service specialists and earned hundreds of millions of RMB in revenue. Don has also established a gold farming studio consisting of 500 employees which provides gold and items for WDW (Warld Of Warcraft) players and has organized hundreds of gold farming studios in other regions to serve overseas
gamers. His studio is one of the largest gold farming studios in China.

2013 - 2015
Den established which is a game-operating platform. it has operated more than ten games in the US, and Europe, some of
which include Dragon Call, Hero Throne, Navigate and many others.

2015 - Present
1. Don and his team members independently developed TKB, which has been released in Vietnam, Middle East, Arabia and many other
countries. KB has gained 300 million RMB in cumulative revenue,
2. In 2018, Chima Growth Capital invested NO million RMB in Don's company which valuation is 100 million RMB
3. Don developed an air combat game ( TOP Air War) with China Mobile and NetEase on a 20 million RMB investment.
4. Den provided design and production support for the chapters in game Metal Slug, a famous Tencent FPS game.
5. TKB is a certified partner of ByteDance, Battles recorded by users can be uploaded to Tik Tok automatically through the exclusive SDK

Core Member :

Zhuan Honglu
Leader Designer 
Over 9 years of experience in game design. As the game designer of Xiamen G-Bits gaming company and is responsible for the design of TKB

Xu Yuelong
Project manager
Over 10 years of development experience and has overseen the operation of over a dozen games : Hero Throme, Devil War, the TKB and many others

He Xiaoyang
Lead Programmer
Over 12 years of programming experience and was involved with the development of several games, some of which include: Spirit Word, Warriors Online, The TKB and others

Lin Guopan
Art Director
Over 9 years of experience in art production and is responsible for the direction of weapons


September 2021
Beta testing for the Game
Community construction
NFT sales

October 2021
Token will be listed on an Exchange

November 2021
Official release

January 2022
Improve META-VERSE system
Optimize VR system

February 2022
Elite competition

March 2022
The official release of the beta version of Met-averse system

April 2022
Land Sales

May 2022
Use Generation Content

* EX Network
* HG Ventures
* Ludena Protocol
* Good Game Guild
* Dutch Crypto Investor
* Twin Apex Capital

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: The Kill Box
⦁ Symbol: TKB
⦁ Total Supply:
⦁ Network: ERC20

Social Media

Social media :

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