“Stay In Destiny World” is a DeFi NFT game with multi-gameplay combined including: Rare crypto-collectibles, Action Role-Playing, Farming strategy & Community Building. The team aims at creating a Multi-universe where players play the game to earn money and support themselves. We aspire to be a minor component of Metaverse, but a critical component of the future of valuable GameFi products, helping to establish a common and effective bridge connecting blockchain and human society.

SS1 – Approaching (Quarter 3 of 2021)
•    Announce ROADMAP, Landing Page
•    Complete characters design and gameplay contents
•    Deploy the game on BSC blockchain platform, connecting game contents with smart contracts
•    Initialize utility token SIW
•    Pre-Launch of Stay In Destiny World webgame
SS2 – Surviving (Quarter 4 of 2021)
•    Promote Game and Airdrop
•    Angel investment fundraising
•    Private Sale
•    Web-based gameplay release: Free to Play & Earn
•    Stake program launch
•    Public Sale Pancake swap
•    Announce the next updates for the game
•    Organize competition events in the game 
•    Pre-build game’s wiki page, items and gameplay fearures on PC, get comments and votes of the community: Community DAo
SS3 Expansion (Quarter 1 of 2022)
•    PC gameplay announced (Beta-Launch)
•    Release important & new gameplay functions, features
SS4 The Chaos in Molakaverse (Quarter 2 of 2022)
•    Perfecting Gameplay on PC (Alpha Launch)
•    Completing the PLAY FOR LIVING ecosystem
The Multiverse of Madness (Quarter 3 of 2022)
•    Building Cross-chain Marketplace, linking with other potential “play to earn” game projects
•    Integrated with Polygon, Polkadot and other chains
SS6 Molaka’s Origin Secret (Quarter 4 of 2022)
•    Announce the next development roadmap of the project

ZBS Capital, Crypto Differ

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Stay In Destiny World
⦁ Symbol: $SIW
⦁ Total Supply: 250,000,000 SIW
⦁ Network: BEP-20 

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