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SEOR network is a decentralized system based on the Polkadot Ecosystem provides a common data protocol of unified off chain data for different blockchain systems.

2021 Q1 - Q2
•    Open-SO 1.0 Released
•    Seal Oracle Project Start
•    Open-SO Upgrade to 2.0
2021 Q3 - Q4
•    Open-SO Developer platform release
•    Seal Oracle alpha Release
•    Smart contract brigade Agreement to Release
•    Seal Oracle beta Version Release
2022 Q1 - Q2
•    Seal Oracle blockchain Agreement to Release
•    Seal Oracle gateway Agreement to Release
•    Seal Oracle Network Upgrade to Oracle Network
•    Seal Oracle Test Network "LINE" Release
2022 Q3 - Q4
•    Seal Oracle common smart contract project startup
•    Seal Oracle Test Network" SURFACE" Release 
•    Seal Oracle Main Network "SPACE" Release
•    Seal-Oracle Developer Platform Release
•    Seal Oracle Protocol Family Upgrade
•    Seal-Oracle All business migrated to Main Network 
Team :
Winnie Wen, Marketing lead
Chinese Academy of Science Blockchain Laboratory of Research and Application Operations and Development Centre Deputy Director 
10+ years of marketing and growth experience in cross-border ecommerce; NGOs; the arts; and education sectors. 
Serial entrepreneur

Wang Huaiyu, Tech lead
Responsible for architecture design and technology research and development at NKN 
Involved in the project management, architectural design and technological R&D of ONT、TRX、ETH and DOT.

Li Yingxuan, Project lead
Ex Onchain / Ontology Beijing Technology Officer. 
Involved in the project management, architectural design and technological R&D of NEO、ONT and ELA

Akash singh

Jon Ren
DFG, SIGNUM CAPITAL, FBG CAPITAL, MW Partners, web3 foundation, Polygon, x21, DCI, Master Ventures, OIG, CRT Capital, Kretos Ventures, BCA Investment, Whitelist, Blago, Truepnl, Starter Capital, FISH DAO, Kangaroo Capital and many more

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Seor
⦁ Symbol: $SEOR
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SEOR
⦁ Network: Polkadot Network and TBA

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