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Real Realm is a Free-to-earn blockchain-based war strategy game that enables the players to recruit, lend, summon, evolve, team up, co-op various NFTs into relentless battles. Each NFT has unique characteristics, elements, predestined missions and stories. Along with diverse features, various battle modes, players emerge themselves in R.R Universe to experience the great game while earning enormous benefits.


Q1 2021
⦁ Free-to-play mode
⦁ Building system
⦁ Runes system

Q2 2021
⦁ Achievement system
⦁ Spell system
⦁ Clan system

Q3 2021
⦁ Environment system
⦁ Hero system
⦁ Screep system

Oct 2021
⦁ D-app Development
⦁ REAL token

Nov 2021
⦁ Mobile official release
⦁ REAL token staking, IDO
⦁ NFTs airdrop event, sales

Dec 2021
⦁ Play-to-earn mode
⦁ PvP arena system
⦁ Pve Advanced battle

Q1, 2022
⦁ PC/Mac official release
⦁ Mies recruitment system
⦁ Mies summon system

Q2, 2022
⦁ Mies mentorship system
⦁ Co-op battle modes
⦁ Tournament

Q3, 2022
⦁ Lands in Mienada world

Q4, 2022
⦁ Game direction voting
⦁ Land resources
⦁ Metaverse intergration


Team :
Dinh Nguyen - CEO/Co-Founder - Head of Game Design
Over 10 years
Experience in Mobile Game Industry
Dinh focuses mainly on the business part of Rise Studio’s mobile/PC games. In addition, he is willing to be actively involved in game development, contributing to the design, programming, art, audio, and project management.

Tam Dinh - CTO/Co-Founder Rise Studio
Nearly 20 years 
Experience on Game Systems
Tam leads our engineering team to develop Rise Studio’s mobile/PC games as well as to integrate with partners’ systems. He is mainly responsible for our technical strategy and engineering operations.

Truong Pham - TA Manager/Co-Founder Rise Studio
Head of Technical Architecture
Rise Studio
Truong defines the overall structure of a program or system. He is responsible for the process of Blockchain integration of Rise Studio’s mobile/PC games, and ensures all technical parts of the products run smoothly.

Thinh Lam - Game Performance Manager
Head of Game Performance
Rise Studio
Thinh is in charge of our technical strategy for the core game. He defines and continuously enhances the monetization strategy and the economics of blockchain-based mobile/PC games.

Advisor : 
Dung Phan - Marketing Advisor
CBO KardiaChain 
CMO Thetan Arena
Former Facebook PM
Former Youtube Ambassador

Gia Le - Strategic Advisor
Chairman MECorp
Founder ME Mobile
Founder Gate
Founder ME Studio
Founder PayME
Former Online Sales Director FPT online

Eric Vuong - Community Advisor
Founder VNDC Holding Pte
Chairman TRUSTpay
Chairman HVA

Backers & Partnerships: 
BSC Station, Kardia Venture, Coincu News, VNDC, Pallium, Alpha Moon Capital, Onebit Venture, Trustpay Blockchain, Certik, BFRI, AZAcoin, AlphaTrue, Wildcat Venture, getdone, UB Ventures, INTR Ventures

Token Spesification :
⦁ Symbol: $REAL
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 REAL
⦁ Network: BEP-20

Social Media

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