Plutonians is a new web3 game from U.A.Fabrica
Plutonians is an NFT enabled and SPL token powered space RPG video game. The game framework will be developed as a combination of web2 multiplayer universe, and web3 enabled metaverse.
Built in the spirit of openness that the Metaverse demands, Plutonians is a persistent-state web3 video game, with an underlying framework of primitives built to leave open the graphical layer to be reimagined by the community if they see fit. This leaves open the option for mobile, tablet, even ar, vr and beyond...

December 2021
•    Seed Sale Round
January 2022
•    Private Round
January 2022
•    Strategic & VC Round
January 2022
•    Gameplay Engine and Level Builder Internal Build
January 2022
•    Plutonians Core Game Launch (2D top-Down shooter web game)
February 2022
•    Public & IDO Rounds
•    TGE – Go to market
March 2022
•    Release level builder to the general public to author their own expansions
September 2022
•    Plutonians 3D (Unreal/unity integration with the gameplay engine)
November 2022
•    Tournament futura
•    Worldwide hackathon
•    NFT ship building extravaganza
December 2022
•    Plutonians VR (WEBXR/UNREAL/UNITY Integration)
January 2023
•    Season 1 content expansion pack (Every Quarter Thereafter)

Teams : 
Tillmann Meyer / Writer, Director, CTO
Co-founder and CTO of Metaverse game company  Till brings 20 years experience working with the world's most talented creatives, coders, and artists. Social media enabled games for Adidas, web3 enabled games, even code-art and data-vis, Till brings a unique spectrum of skills and expertise including multi-touch, VR, game design, physics simulations and more.

James Lee / DeFi + GameFi Designer
JL has a professional background in marketing, fintech, SAAS project management and business intelligence. He has been getting his feet wet in the crypto markets since 2016. In 2020 he commenced working full time in Blockchain and has been responsible for assisting two projects in standing up successful DeFi dApp and ecosystems. James will be assisting Plutonians to become DeFi ready and also use his business development skills to assist in onboarding the best teams and stakeholders to support the Plutonians Gaming Metaverse.

nonbit / DOP, Cinematics Director

Tony / Game Industry Advisor
Tony first started gaming on the Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64 and even after office hours can't stop gaming. Favourites include Metal Gear Solid 4 (Konami bring this to ps5/pc already), Street Fighter 4, and Destiny 2.
Tony holds a Bachelors degree in game development and is Plutonians eyes and ears into the latest in the games industry. When not gaming you will usually find him jamming to music, exploring new ways to hack recipes that take too long or catching up on the latest netflix and anime shows.

And many other teams, please check at

Game Industry Advisor
Blockchain Advisor - Max Dier
Blockchain Advisor - Fabian & Dorji (Oddiyana)
Blockchain Advisor - Eduard
Blockchain Advisor - Alex Mann
Blockchain Advisor - Erron & Constantine

Seedify, Vespertine Capital, Solana, DCI, Fish Dao, Brotherhood, U.A.FABRICA, Unreal Engine, Oculus, WebXR, ValveIndex, VIVE

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name        : Plutonians DAO
⦁ Utylity            : Governance Token
⦁ Symbol            : $PLD
⦁ Total Supply    : 350,000,000 PLD
⦁ Network    : Solana Network

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