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Nest will be the first ‘play to earn’ arcade app on the blockchain. The goal is to massively accelerate blockchain adoption through a remarkably simple app such as Netflix but for mini-medium scale games.

Q4 2021
•    Marketing Campaigns ✓
•    Website 1.0 launch ✓
•    NFT Drop #1 ✓
•    Marketplace listing ✓
•    Token creation ✓
•    Tokenomics release ✓
•    White paper release ✓
•    Project development Start ✓
•    Branding ✓
•    Website 2.0 launch ✓
•    Team expansion
Q1 2022
•    Token IDO
•    DEX listings
•    Token Marketing Campaigns
•    Alpha launch of mobile app
•    Playable NFTs
•    Earn $FTH tokens in game
•    NFT “high scores” and Leaderboards
•    Acquisition Marketing 
•    Introduce power-ups and Multiplayer game modes
•    Team expansion
•    NFT Drop #2
Q2 2022
•    Stable release 1.0 of mobile app
•    Nest Tournaments
•    Extend games and playable NFTs
•    Nest Marketplace Launch
•    Increase marketing spending and strategy
•    Alpha release of desktop platform
•    Brand Focus and Increase Facebook, Instagram and TikTok exposure
•    CEX listings
•    Breeding On NFTS
•    NFT Drop #3
Q3 2022
•    Desktop V.1 stable release
•    Opening of Nest’s SDKs to indie developers (Nest’s Hub)
•    Large indie developer incentive and acquisition campaign to vastly scale game offering on Nest
•    Partnerships with blockchain gaming projects
•    On-Going project development and bug releases
•    Merging of NFTS
•    NFT Drop #4
Q4 2022
•    Scale Marketing
•    NFT Drop #5
•    Integrate AR for supported NFTS
•    Increase partnerships
•    Open Nest’s NFT launchpad for third party NFT gaming projects
•    Start Nest’s incubator paid service to help web2 game app transition to web3 p2e NFT gaming model 

Team :
Gauthier Michel
Gauthier is the co-founder and lead blockchain developer for Nest. Gauthier holds two masters degrees in applied mathematics and machine learning from École Polytechnique and École Normale Supérieure.

Tye Howatt: Tye Howatt, Co-Founder of Nest Arcade, Co-Founder of MetaBirds.
Tye Howatt
Tye is the co-founder, lead product developer and marketing strategist for Nest. Tye specializes in ABX (Account-Based-Marketing) for both B2B and B2C acquisition.

Tigran Manukyan
Lead Motion Designer | 2D-3D Animator for Nest.

Alex Salicki
Mobile and Web UX/UI Designer

Business Development Lead - Dutch Crypto Investors

Community Manager - Multi-year experience in Customer care and after-sales

Blockchain Mobile Game Developer - Founder of Eikona.Art

Charles Sublette
brand strategy and business development for Nest. Co-Founder of

Advisor :
Project Advisor - Dutch Crypto Investors.

Orion Depp
Managing Partner, MVIM/ MV Polkadot VC Fund. Advisor And Investor For Nest Arcade

Evan Luthra
Evan is a serial entrepreneur, crypto investor and advisor for Nest Arcade.

Dan - Netvrk
CEO of Netvrk. Project Advisor And Investor For Nest Arcade

Big Brain Holdings, DCI, Fish Dao, Netvrk, Unilayer, and many more

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Nest Token
⦁ Symbol: $NESTA
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 FTH
⦁ Network: Solana Network

Social Media

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