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Kudo a decentralized identity protocol based on on-chain activity. With the adoption of pseudonymous public key addresses as identity proxy, it is becoming increasingly crucial for protocols to leverage on-chain history for an address to provide a better user experience. Unomi NFT identity scores will provide protocols with an insightful view of their users, allowing them to make better decisions and reward good on-chain behaviour. Kudo brings a new primitive to DeFi, an identity data engine for user interactions, unlocking a myriad of new Crypto and DeFi applications.

Media investors
Cryptodiffer, Top 7, Ben smart contracter, Tehmoonwalker, Satoshistacker, Shin Shan IEO, TokenSuite, Double top Russia, The VSE Russia, 499 Block China, Mandy and more

Sandeep (Polygon/ matic), Aniket, Ahmed (Biconomy), Tushar (Persistence), Rahul Dan(Sentinel), Mohak (clay stack), Danish Choudhary (Bitcoin.com)

Backers & Partnerships: 
AU21, Basics capital ,Bixin, Dweb3 Ventures, Gate Exchange Labs, Exnetwork, LD capital, Digital strats, F2Pool Venture arm, GTA, R8, DCI, X21, BTX, Magnus, ZBS, Arcanum, Zokyo and others

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Kudo Money
⦁ Symbol: $KUDO
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 
⦁ Network: BEP-20

Social Media

Social media :
Website      : https://kudo.money/
Telegram    : https://t.me/kudo_money
Twitter       : https://twitter.com/kudomoney
Medium     : https://kudomoney.medium.com/