Kitsumon is an online multiplayer game, where anyone can buy and own Kitsu, collect and create exciting items and participate in online battles and challenges. Inspired by successful NFT projects like Crypto Kitties and games such as Pokémon and DOTA, Kitsumon combines the best of the two worlds, a fun game for everyday players who want to enjoy the gameplay and fully experience the features and those who want to collect, create and trade NFT’s.

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•    Token Generation Event 
•    Public & Private sale 
•    Marketplace Deployment 
•    Egg Distribution & Trading 
•    DNA smart contract 
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Q1 2022
•    Unity UI game art
•    Egg hatchery
•    Farming
•    Ranger
•    Cooking
•    Micro-transactions 
•    Egg Dispenser
•    Big Bang – Egg hatch event
•    Rewards systems
•    Daily & weekly tasks
•    Land Aquistion
•    Game achievements
•    Fishing
•    Mining
•    Alchemy
•    Training System
•    Battle arena Alpha

Team :
Kane Brown – Founder & CEO
Product conceptualist and graphic designer. Designed websites, UI, and project systems for several blockchain projects and Ai-based roster system for the Victorian government. Worked 10 years with the Victorian Governmentin frontline policing.

SanjayPatel–Principal Engineer
Lead developer & Senior Software engineer, worked on various crypto projects Atlas and Carbon. Skilled in c#, java, backend, game development. Worked in a FTSE 100 company Next in the payments developmentteam.

Aymen Hamze – Founder & CMO
Managed and developed multiple community forums across gaming and blockchain spaces. Hosted and managed game servers. 10+ years in social media and community engagement.

James Kirkby – Founder & CTO
Blockchain engineer & Architect. Previous Lead Architect at Mode an LSE listed Bitcoin Bank, current Advisor to Carbon. Skilled in C#, NodeJS, DLT, Virtualisation, and Blockchain systems.

Riley Ellett – Community Support Manager 
Cryptocurrency and blockchain industry consultant since 2012. Community Manager at Delta Investment Tracker (an eToro company) and Admin for NEO Smart Economy Telegram channels.

Aarón Meza Sánchez – ConceptualArtist 
Concept and Creature designer for visual entertainment industry. Story board artist and visdev Based in México. 10+ years of experience in graphic and 2D industrial standards.

Sundeep Krishna - Strategic Advisor 
Core Team Member of TrustSwap. Designed tokenomics for various projects and/or serving as a strategic advisor/consultant for multiple projects spanning across DeFi and GameFi like QANX, BlockBank, LedgerScore, Carbon, ISPOLINK, Fidira, Sekuritance, Oneto11, etc. Has a professional background in Engineering with multiple graduate degrees. Has 5+ years of experience in the cryptocurrency space.

Paweł Łaskarzewski-Technology Advisor 
Experienced Technology Consultant and Solution Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the ICT industry. Worked at B/E Aerospace, WizzAir, Nestle, Coca-Cola, EuroSport, amongst others. As founder and CTO, he was instrumental to the success of Absolvent, Poland's biggest HR company for students and graduates, and leading AI-based market solution for synthesis planning. Worked on coresystems and innovation projects for financial institutions around the world, such as CitiBank, Crédit Agricole and Raiffeisen.

Joe Dwyer – Business Growth Advisor
Investor, advisor, professor, and serial entrepreneur. My passion is creating and growing new high growth digital businesses, and helping others to do the same. Ten years ago I co-founded what is now called Manifold Group, a venture holding company. I'm also an adjunct professor at Kellogg, where I teach courses on innovation, venture, and entrepreneurship.

Backer/Investor :
TrustSwap, GameStation, Fairum, Synapse network, MoonWhale, NuBlock, PULSE, Oddiyana ventures, SMO Capital, Avalon Wealth Club, seedThrift, defiboost, Girnas Capital, AU21 Capital

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Kitsumon
⦁ Symbol: $KMC
⦁ Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 
⦁ Network: Polygon Network

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