Infinity Force is a play-to-earn management system that allows users to create, grow and manage their very own guild through its integrated platform. As Play-to-Earn games continue to gain traction and global mass adoption, Infinity Force supplies the infrastructure to support the ecosystem. Our product provides end-to-end software as a service, including player recruitment, training, self guild development, and performance management, payments automation, and data analytics.

We also operate our own guild on our platform - Infinity Guild with current 1280 players/scholars that can be deployed into other games. We are currently scaling our guild, adding players weekly, which we can do quickly given the infrastructure.

Our platform receives>200 new player applicants daily, who we vet and train through our academy before they become registered players for guild deployment.

What makes Infinity Force Different?

We are not just a guild; we allow anyone anywhere to develop their own guild independently through our platform. We break down the barriers of entry to play-to-games by making it easier for anyone to build their own guild, have access to a pool of trained players and manage their very own guild through a single platform.

We have strategic partnerships with Animoca (our lead investor) and several other game studios (Bright Star Studios- Embersword & Planet Quest,) who we work with closely to develop their guild management capabilities for all of their games. Our vision of driving growth to the play-to-earn ecosystem centers around standardising guild development, simplifying the process for users, and allowing guilds to scale through access to games, players, and automated tools. 

We are also speaking to games and partners to assess how we can help bring value to each other's projects through our own guild and our platform.

Animoca, OKEx, SkyVision Capital, Gobi Partners, Jump Crypto, GSR, MEXC global, Token Bay Cap, Double Peak, NGC, Dwebs, etc

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name        : Infinity Force
⦁ Symbol            : TBA
⦁ Total Supply    : 1,000,000,000 
⦁ Network    : TBA

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