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DigiNation is a Web3 Metaverse featuring NFT-based innovation. It is the 3D virtual world, in which each player is represented by a DigiAvatar. DigiAvatar is an NFT and is also the main character of this virtual world. DigiAvatar is a dynamic NFT with variable parameters, first in the gamefi industry.

1. Starting from Q1 2022, we will prioritize the NFT Live Program. We expect to support 100+ NFT projects, to integrate with more than 1 million NFT users to the DigiNation ecosystem. We will segregate the collaboration into 3 phases, playable supporting, traits rendering, and metaverse structuring.
2. Land the first DAOverse project in Q1, 2022. The project aims to empower communities and DAOs to develop and operate a high-quality metaverse on their own. Our first DAOVerse is the PudgyVerse initiated by the Pudgy Penguin Community, and it would be the first complete community-driven metaverse.
3. The launch of DigiMaker will be in Q2, 2022, together with the Creator Incentive Program. All developers and creators may use DigiMaker to create their own type of space and open it to the vast community of the DigiNation ecosystem.
4. We will launch the Global Community Partner Program. GCP will be connecting with local developers, artists, game players, and gaming event resources to promote the ecosystem locally and regionally.
5. Within the first half of 2022, we will officially launch the DigiNation Governance Token at a time that caters to the project's progress. The DigiNation governance token will be assigned the core value of the DigiNation metaverse ecosystem. We will collaborate with the top-tier Crypto Exchanges to release the token, and grant IDO quota to the DigiAvatar holders and $Alpha holders.
6. After the release of the DigiNation governance token, the Pairing feature for DigiAvatar will be activated, together with the exclusive Live 2 Earn mechanism designed for DigiAvatars.
7. The Beta Test of DigiNation is expected to launch in the Q3 of 2022. We believe, at that time, we will have a good amount of high-quality content to attract active users from the Web2 game industry, and gamefi explorers from crypto industry
8. We plan to launch our own crypto wallet at a certain time in 2022. With DigiWallet, we will work to convey more traditional game users to the NFT game world and bring them to the Web3 Metaverse.

Rocky Chow
Graduated from NTU; engineering, investing background. Partner of virtual world game studio

Graduated from INSEAD; VC, entrepreneur background. Founder of Serenity, consultant & Free Games 88

Austin Koo
Graduated from NUS IT; operations background. From Microsoft, indie gaming companies

VP, Mktng
Allysa Mae Gaston
Ex-OPPO Brand Ambassador, Digital Marketing Manager and Digital Artist

Stacey-Ann Pearson
Graduated from Tsinghuha; previously at Morgan Stanley, Didi, Oxford-Hainan Blockchain Research Centre

Charles Read
Founder of Rarestore Capital. Avid art (and NFT) collector, Contributor of the Year of Hackernoon's AR section

Shadowy supercoder at MessariCrypto, previously from HoloLens, Bridgewater, Facebook

Longhash Venture, Okex, Houbi Ventures, Rarestone, Yuanyuzhou Ventures, Spark, 21DAO Ventures, Shima Capital, Ark Stream Capital, MAO, Conomico 

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name        : DigiNation Token
⦁ Symbol      : TBA
⦁ Total Supply    : 1,000,000,000 
⦁ Network    : TBA

Social Media

Social media :
Website    : https://digination.io/
Twitter     : https://twitter.com/Digi_metaverse
Discord     : https://discord.com/channels/900263817844502530/900263818347814929
Medium    : https://medium.com/@digination