BOT PLANET is eliminates the common hurdles that people are used to when starting their journey into the world of cryptocurrency. Instead of having to worry about safety and complexity, people now finally have a user-friendly alternative. Not only do we provide our community and users with all these features in an easy and safe manner, but we also make it actually enjoyable to do so.The crypto space would never reach the masses if it stayed the way it was before Bot Planet.

Unique features:

✅Flawless in-game transactions so seamless that you won't even notice there's a blockchain involved
✅Easily accessible great accessibility to all of our products through
✅Diverse staking rewards from earning experience in the game to earning tokens
✅Separate NFT marketplace providing a place to publish and trade your NFTs
✅Daily lottery giving you the opportunity to multiply your earnings
✅Unique messenger earn through engaging with the ads

Q1 2021
•    Team building 
•    Idea of the project
•    Finding performers
•    Design 
•    Start of development
Q4 2021
•    Seed round for vc and investors 
•    IDO for community
•    Listing on Pancakeswap 
•    Listing on CEX
•    DEX release
•    Farming
•    Staking
•    Bridge on ETH
Q2 - Q3 2021
•    Office construction 
•    App content
•    Testnet
•    Create bsc token
•    Audit of techrate (bsc)
•    Private sale
•    Community creation
•    Wallet development
•    Team presentation
•    Development of the technical specification of the nftstore and the game
•    KYC
•    NFT market development 
•    Opening company
Q1 – Q2 2022
•    Launching SOL token
•    Partnerships 
•    Clothing brand 
•    Demo Game
•    Release nft boxes 
•    Lottery demo
•    NFT marketplace release
Q3 – Q4 2022
•    Bridge on PolkaDOT
•    Streaming
•    Wallet
•    Partnership with visa and launching card program
•    Introduction of sol, eth, dot into the game
•    Lottery release
Q1 – Q2 2023
•    Messenger
•    Updating the game (new patches)
•    Adding new nft collection

Team :
Khurmankhan Yesbol

Artemiy Akopov

Dan Dzhangirov

Yerketay Yesenzhol

Yerhuat Kerim

Mattia Darmanin
Game Developer

Denis Osypenko

Orion Depp (Master Ventures Inv. Mgmt)

Poolz Ventures, Moon Mafia Capital, 2CrazyNFT, Blockpact Capital, DCI, and TBA
Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: BOT Planet
⦁ Symbol: $BOT
⦁ Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 BOT
⦁ Network: BEP-20

Social Media

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