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CheersLand is an expandable GameFi universe where anyone can monetize their gaming experiences and social networks. CheersLand GameFi Universe is composed of multi-game combinations, Ranking List, Initial Gaming Offering (IGO), NFT Market, Multi-asset Staking Platform, etc..


In CheersLand, gamers can earn rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. This Play to Earn mode is adopted by Axie Infinity, My Neighbor Alice, Alien Worlds, etc., which caused enthusiastic response and commercial success in GameFi.

Q2 2021
•    Market research of GameFi ✅
•    Design for multiple games framework✅
•    BSC-based Staking Contract test✅
•    BSC-based Invitation Contract test✅
Q3 2021
•    Audit to the Staking and Invitation Contract ✅
•    Launch of the first Classic Game✅
•    Launch of whitepaper V1.0 and tokenomics✅
•    Community building and growth✅
•    IGO MVP pre-release on BSC✅
Q4 2021
•    Public Sale of CHEERS
•    Official launch and operation of IGO
•    Establishment of the Community Vault
•    Launch of the second Classic Game
•    Deployment on the multichain ecosystem e.g. Solona, Polygon, Polkadot
•    Launch of Multi-asset Staking Platform
•    Launch of NFT Market Beta
Q1 2022
•    Announcement of the annual revenue and buyback & burn plan
•    Launch of the third Classic Game
•    Improvement of Community Governance model
•    CheersLand API for Build to Earn
Q2 2022
•    New GameFi programme integrations
•    Eco Marathon Grant Activities
•    The fourth Classic Game launched by the community
•    Second audit to all contracts
•    On-board new blockchain ecosystems
Q3 2022
•    More partnerships with the GameFi ecosystem
•    The fifth Classic Game released by the community
To Be Announced

Team :
⦁ Peter Lim - Technical Partner
Peter is a well-experienced team leader with crucial in this position soft skills and technical background and in charge of engineering operations.
Peter is proficient in Golang and Rust, with deep understanding of smart contract as an early adopter of Ethereum. He is kind of a genius with fast learning skills.
Peter also had stints at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and Pinduoduo (NASDAQ: PDD) before co-founding CheersLand.

⦁ M.Joesph Cheung - Strategic Partner
As the strategic partner at CheersLand, Joesph is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and in charge of the development strategy and resource integration.
At the same time, Joesph is one of partners at TrustFi Network, the BaaS platform and incubator for crypto startups, which will bring a large number of corporate customers and community support to CheersLand.
Previously with Trueway Capital as Investment Partner & Researcher, Joesph has led the investment and consulting work of many blockchain projects. He has been engaged in research about blockchain protocols and DeFi since 2017.

⦁ Janna Ding - Head of Growth
Janna is responsible for user growth and community development in CheersLand.
Thanks to her experience gained in JD.COM(NASDAQ: JD) as the user experience designer, she's been involved in entire implementation processes of various products and helped them to grow up.
Besides, Janna previously worked as a project manager at NetEase Games (NASDAQ: NETS) and she has good connections in the gaming industry.

⦁ Kerstin Darick - Lead Designer        
Kerstin led the art team and designed the original CheersLand. 
Kerstin has passion for art creation and competitive games, and he is responsible for the art direction and many gaming design concepts.
Kerstin has solid design skills. Before CheersLand, he worked as the Design Engineer at WeChat.

⦁ Francis Dhun - Advisor
Francis is the CEO at Trendsetter Ventures and owner of the brand The Crypto Lifestyle on YouTube. 
He has been fully committed working fulltime in the blockchain and crypto currency industry since 2017 investing into early phase projects at the grass roots level for almost 5 straight years.

⦁ Matthew Graham Kay - Advisor
Matthew is the Co-Founder of Trendsetter Ventures and a team member of The Crypto Lifestyle brand. 
He also works as an advisor for PolkaEx and GameStar.

Backers & Partnerships: 
TrustFi, Trader Square, Avalon Wealth Club, KoinSaati, DCI, itsblockchain, INTR Ventures, The Monopolist, Babyswap, Dot.Oracle, BSCStation, Berry, Olive, BSClaunch, AcknoLedger, Gains Associates, The Crypto Lifestyle, ProStarter, Alexander Kondrashov, Metaverse X, Crypto Players India, and TBA

Token Spesification :
⦁ Name: Cheers Token
⦁ Symbol: $CHEERS
⦁ Total Supply: 100,000,000 CHEERS
⦁ Network: BEP-20 

Social Media

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